Saturday, February 14, 2009

Helvitica is poo.

Please boycott the Helvitica font...

I am currently watching a way too long show all about the font Helvitica. People actually have jobs to research this!!? This lady is morally opposed to Helvitia. How can you be morally opposed to a font? She said if you use Helvitica you support the Vietnam war. uhh okay. ...she actually gets paid to study fonts! Does someone really have that much money that they can pay a person to see what percentage of people in each state use Helvitica? If you use Helvitica font you voted for Regean... just so you know.

...maybe we should feed hungry people instead of paying this lady. Who pays her? Oh my, this is the most boring-est show I've ever seen. It just keeps going and going and going... Helvitica is just a font. It's just the most regular looking font... nothing special. (Yes, I know boring-est isn't a word... but did you know funner is not a word either?)

My husband has decided he wants mushrooms for dinner. This is funny because it is 5:06 on a Saturday and every grocery store is closed. :) I wish him luck in his search for mushrooms. Maybe there are some in the backyard.

Back to my font rant. I can see somebody saying, "Hey, most stores and signs are written in Helvitica." I'd say, "Oh really, Hmmm." ...and call it good. This is 90 minute show on Helvitica.

I also think the animals that live at the bottom of the ocean and in the deep jungles... we should leave them alone. Do we really need to know about them? I think it's mean to bother them. I also don't think we should test medicine on puppies. I ALSO think way too much money is spent on traveling to outer space. I ALSO... :) Nope, I'm done for now. :)

Not a too serious of a post, more to irritate my husband who is sitting next to me. :) you! :)

- Our Valentines' Day has been good. We didn't make it to Germany; tomorrow maybe. Scotty needs another day to fully recover into a good Scotty Monster. He seems to feel better though so that is good, although a sick Scotty is so quiet and snuggly. Today we have been playing at home and enjoying the sun by opening our doors and having some fresh air. I made a super yummy breakfast with bacon, french toast, pancakes, rice, toast, eggs, muffins... yummy. I can't wait for Happy's yummy dinner!

HA. Paul found mushrooms at the cheap store down the road. :) He says the Helvitica font is used on the packaging. This will obviously make the mushrooms taste better.


Archaeogoddess said...

I doubt I could recongnize the Helvitica font if it bit me on the butt. Of course, if it bit me on the butt, I'd never forget it afterwards.

I probably shouldn't have had that glass of happy Valentine's day wine on an empty stomach. Especially since it was fortified wine. I feel particularly fortified, how about you?

Anyway, as a person who voted for the losing side in the quiz to the right... I really really like kitchen equipment and usually ask for it for my birthday and for Christmas so for ME it is a fantastic Valentines day present. If my husband had come home with a set of nesting stainless steel mixing bowls... oh, stainless steel mixing bowls, where are you? I would be thrilled to bits.

But I'm weird.

'Babs' said...

Dear baby maker wife Tara,

We drove through Århus AGAIN yesterday and I waved at you :)

LOL re mushrooms, I freak out if my dh buys the frozen ones packaged in Poland..they taste very odd.

Ingrid said...

Fire that woman and give the money to something more important! I agree with you.
Hope everybody get better soon! Will M & S come to school tomorrow?


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