Monday, February 23, 2009

more Fastelavn fun...

Sierra got hit by the dumb barrel her other eye.

I will now require that she wears safety glasses when she leaves the house...

Why a wooden barrel? Why hard wood? What is the matter with paper mache? Kids can hit it with something plastic it doesn't need to be so dangerous. Maybe they just need one of the cheesy pull-string pinatas that sissy parents have at birthday parties.

If we make it out of here alive I'll be impressed. :)


The Guider said...

oh my goodness, you totally predicted that!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I think you should do an arts and crafts day and let her design her own goggles!!

Anonymous said...

She needs an American football or icehockey helmet.

The most dangerous when hitting the barrel is usually if people behind don't keep the proper safety distance to the hitter and then they don't hit the barral but whatever might be behind them.
But at least people are not blindfolded when they hit the barrel. Aren't they blindfolded when they hit a pinata? Now that sounds dangerous.

Americans are brought up with baseball and softball, so they must be good at hitting the barrel hard?

Anonymous said...

For the next Fastelavn carnival just dress her up as an American Football player and she will be safe.


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