Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scotty's Favorite Website

This is Scotty's favorite website ever. He watched it for 45 minutes today... laughing out loud every now and then. :) I want to be three.

I can't make it a link... Sorry I tried long enough. Just cut and paste it.


Nana said...

I checked out that website just for the fun of it. I can't believe Scotty can watch that for 45 minutes! It doesn't change...just the same thing over and over, and I didn't see anything funny. I guess it must be great to be three!

Tara said...

HA!! I just opened it on this computer and found out it had sound. Scotty didn't even have the sound on when he watched it. :)

Later he was watching that Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin movie. He was also laughing so hard that he was crying... He was running all over the house and would flop on the floor in a little laughing fit! :) Charlie Brown not kicking the football is apparently hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Check out this amazing real life version of that blue ball website


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