Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sveskemos Aftermath

I remember when Michaela was almost one year old she got a hold of a tube of strawberry teething gel... and ate it all. When I found her happily sucking on the empty container of yummy goodness I called the Poison Control to see what to do. They told me that the container was made that small (1 ounce) on purpose so in case a child did eat it all nothing bad would happen... You know, if an irresponsible parent wasn't paying close enough attention to their child... so little Michaela, and her very numb mouth, drooled all over the place for a while, but she was fine. :)

Yes, this story is related to Sveskemos, which thanks to a helpful comment, I now know to be prunes.

See, in the US they make baby food jars of prunes available only in the "half jar" size. It's probably only two ounces... This is to prevent irresponsible parents from inundating their innocent babies with a stomach full of prunes. ...because we all know prunes don't stay in the stomach very long!

In my defense the picture on the jar looked like raisins and I didn't think raisins would have been as bad. Mothers even do dumb things to the fourth kid too... Yes, I fed her the entire jar within 24 hours. :( .... it did the trick though!!

Andrea is perfectly happy.... Last night she made the biggest mess I have ever seen... and she smiled and cooed about it as Paul and I held her at arms distance while we debated on what to do next. We decided on a dip in the kitchen sink. Good thing she's cute!!!


PiNG aka Patti said...

Glad to hear things came out okay, lol!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

omg I just posted a comment on the other blog you made about Andrea POOPING!! and now I just read this Great minds!!!!

Colin said...

Thanks for sparing us any photos!


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