Saturday, February 21, 2009

My list.

Well, nobody needed medical attention today so I'm calling it a good day! Scotty's ears are getting better and Sierra's eye is looking less swollen. Sierra goes in on Tuesday to get the stitches out.

Currently the ground is covered in snow again, it never really all melted from before but it really snowed good for a couple hours so the grass is all white. I hope it stays for tomorrow so we can fix our little snowman and snow ramp. :)

Tonight some friends came over for a "Thanksgiving" dinner. See, I have a turkey buying problem. Whenever I see a Turkey (Kalkun) in the store I buy it. Usually you can only get them at Christmas time ... but a couple stores have a few left from Christmas I'm guessing... and the Danes sure aren't buying them, so they are on sale... Only $20 for a nine pound turkey; better than $40 I guess... So I have two turkeys in the fridge and we ate one tonight. I even made sweet potatoes. :) Yummy.

Someone forwarded me a list, "How to tell you have been in Denmark too long.". I was amused with it so I took ten minutes and made my own list.

You think 5 degrees C is warm.
2. You can make your own frosting without looking at a recipe.
3. You consider a half hour bus ride an easy trip.
4. You forget what you look like when tan.
5. You are thrilled beyond belief to buy evaporated milk.
6. You think 50 kroner is cheap.
7. You get excited when you only have to make ONE trip to the dump per week.
8. You own more coats than shorts.
9. You deem things "not dirty enough" so you don't have to use up your American laundry detergent
10. You have a frozen turkey on your back porch... and consider it normal.
11. You start to read the Economist.
12. You can ignore everyone in the grocery store and not feel bad about it.
13. You can start to tell Danes apart from each other.
14. You can tell the difference between Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.
15. You actually light the candles you buy.
16. You forget what root beer tastes like.
17. Your most common thing you say on any given day is, "Jeg taler englesk."
18. You look forward to Sunday radio with an English speaking host, Ryan Seacrest.
19. You stop converting to dollars and just throw the reciept away, you've learned looking will depress you.
20. You don't have to spell your address to people anymore, you can actually pronounce it.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

9, 10 and 12 cracked me up...says the girl with Orange juice and beer on her back porch , chilling!!

Lisa said...

OH, I can not tell you enough how you make my day reading this! I love the turkey on the back porch! I never thought you would read hubbys mag! You must be desperate. I will bring some mags with the peanut butter if the powers that be deem fit to give me an interview! Any favs? We will make a list if they give me an chance to prove my value. And you bummed me again about the rootbeer! Stop that!

Anonymous said...

Imagine evaporated milk would ever get me so excited...but it's true!


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