Saturday, February 7, 2009

Didn't go too well...

With so much success in ditching the kids the first time, I tried again. But here I am, home two hours later, on my computer... :)

Paul and I got to the restaurant and sat down long enough to hear all about what I would eat if my children really loved me. :) I had literally ONE bite of my first course and the cell phone rang. Poor little Poozle was not happy. I could even hear her crying in the background. :( She was really crying too.

I arrived at home 15 minutes later and found Michaela on the front porch with a red-eyed, sad looking Poozle-Monster. I thought for sure that if I fed her she would go to sleep and I could make it back in time for dessert. Nope, wide awake and ready to play! I didn't want to traumatize the babysitter anymore and it was already nine so I just took her home and called it a night. Better luck next time I guess!

No, I didn't leave Paul at the table by himself. :) It was another work dinner and there were several other people there to keep him company. ...and he was happy to eat my food for me; although I did request my dessert be brought to me. :) AND - I took the car home so I hope the bus is good to him!

The kids are out of school this whole next week... I don't know why. It's not spring break, we have one of those in May? I think. So a whole week with my four lovely kids. As long as we have things planned every day we will do fine. It is when we stay in the house that I tend to go nutso. I still have some blanks to fill in...

Sunday - Party for Poozle's "Half-Birthday"
Monday -
Tuesday - We invited the whole school over to watch Bolt in English. (Brave, huh?)
Wednesday -
Thursday - Making cookies with some nice Swedish friends. :)
Friday - Germany for spaghetti ice cream
Saturday -
Sunday -
Monday - I will dump three kids off at school, come home, and take a nap.

Oh yah! We watched the Superbowl on Friday! It was actually pretty entertaining for the last few minutes; which admittedly, is all I really watched. We were at a friends house and so I had lots of friends to talk to while the kids played video games. It was funny because we all knew how it ended, and a few of us even knew what happened in the end, but it made it a little more amusing to watch. I think it was staged. :) I can imagine some football lovers having a great time with that one!

Andrea was a little stinker during her first Superbowl party though, well that's not true... she was actually good, she just refused to eat. She didn't eat for 10 hours that day!! She was completely uninterested in me or my milk. ...but she wasn't crying or upset until she got tired. She managed to fall asleep for a little while, she woke up and looked sad and so we took her home. We got home and she ate just like normal and went to bed... No, I can't feel any teeth in her little mouth and I've looked several times! She wasn't acting cranky though, like she was in pain, she just wanted to be held and didn't want to eat. Odd little kid. :) I think it was too busy for her and too new. She wanted mommy and daddy and wanted to make sure she knew what was going on at all times. She is the cutest thing in the world though... half a year old! wow...

I'm going to go eat leftover Macaroni and Cheese now. ...and finish watching High School Musical by myself since the girls are in bed already. Hmmmm.. not the evening I had planned. :)


Anonymous said...

It's winter break now.
Don't you have that in the US? I think most countries in Europe has a week of winter break from the school.
This is when many families with school children go skiing in the Alps or Norway/Sweden. Or if they are not into skiing some go to sunny islands in southern Europe.

Spring break is at Easter.

Anonymous said...

Winter break activities in Århus

Tara said...

Thanks for the link Anonymous! I can fill in some of my blanks now.

I wonder how many Anonymous's there are? Maybe you can just make up a name so I can keep you all straight? :)

Anyways. No. I don't think we do have a winter break in the States. We have the obvious Christmas time one and that is called Winter break (since "Christmas Break" would be religious). We do have the spring break around Easter time. In the US during February the school have all the President's birthdays so there are a few short weeks.

Last year at this time we escaped to sunny Spain. This year I couldn't bring myself to plan anything. I would really like an easy place to go skiing though... an all inclusive deal... with a hotel right on the slopes... where I don't go anywhere, just out the door to the snow and back in side to warm up when needed.

Do travel agents work the same here in DK as in the US? I don't have to pay them do I?

Lisa said...

Sorry your night our was interrupted. It is nice to be loved so much though isn't it. Better luck next time. I hope your dessert was good!

The Guider said...

Well in England we have half-term coming up, week after next, so maybe it's like that?

I love your plans: invite a whole school over to watch a movie (my kids go to a school of 235 kids so that's not going to happen!) and go to Germany for ice cream!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

you are ONE BRAVE mom... cannot wait to read about Tuesday´s movie date at the house!

And I have GOT to try Flensburg´s spaghetti ice cream, but I have to wait until summer!!! LOL

Anonymous said...
Kemishow / Chemistry show

This is a very fun and free activity for the kids, turing the libaries of Århus.


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