Sunday, February 8, 2009


Carrots - Handmade with love by Mommy!

... and a half a birthday cake for Andrea's "Half-Birthday".

:) Squishing my own carrots wasn't so bad. I just boiled them for a while and plopped them in the blender. Wha-La!! I wish I had my steamer, but it has been retired to the box of - "Things I Can't Plug In".

Scotty helped me make "carrot cubes" to freeze and he actually thought it was fun. Usually he is completely uninterested in what I do in the kitchen, but lately he wants to stir things and dump things in. With our carrot cubes I left him unattended for a while and ended up with a pile of squished carrots in an ice cube tray, but he said, "I make food for A-nana." ...and he was excited about it so I happily dealt with his splattered carrots. In a few days we need to come up with a new food for her to eat. This is fun! ...even without the cute jars!!

How did Andrea like her carrots? Andrea loved her carrots! She didn't make a face or even think twice about it. ...Maybe because she's been gnawing on whole carrots for the last few days the taste wasn't new. I'm realizing that her eating is becoming more involved than me just nursing her... which has been pretty darn simple and made traveling quite easy. Know what I need now? A cute little baby food travel container with a built in spoon... that comes in an insulated case; not to keep it cold, but to keep it from freezing. :)

Before I whine about not having a Target to rush off to, I'll check the baby store here... and see how many of my kroners they want. I don't think I'll have 13 to choose from. Ouuuu I can look in Germany on Friday.

Since Andrea is now six months old we had a "half-birthday" for her! Yes, this is just an excuse to make a pink cake and have some fun with Poozle. We had a family from Poland over to help us celebrate so it was a real party complete with a gift from Mommy that was half-wrapped! :) It was a baby book for her. Finally... (that poor, neglected fourth child!) It is in Danish though so I'll have Michaela start translating it for me so we can fill in all the blanks. :)

Today I saw the sun too. It was so bright that Michaela, Andrea and I went on a walk to the bakery and enjoyed the sun. Two hours later there was a blizzard outside that lasted just a half an hour... so we went out to play in the snow... then the sun came back. Schizophrenic Weather.

Before I forget. Someone wrote somewhere about The Ellen Degeneres show not being on DK TV anymore. I heard a rumor it's on at 6:00am now. :) Set your alarm!


'Babs' said...

The sun was lovely today.

I love Ellen but only have DR1 and TV2 so that gives me nuthin at all!

P.s: I have emailed you :)

Lisa said...

Oh yeah! She loved the carrots! I told you it was easy, and you can feel good about what you are feeding her. Talk to you soon;)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok, I made homemade cream of chicken soup and freeze make homemade baby food and freeze it. If our friends in the states knew this, I wonder who would believe it! LOL

Glad this worked!

When I was a teacher, we always did summer bdays as half bdays in the winter so everyone got a celebration, but we never had a half are the creative one!

Anonymous said...

Ellen DeGeneres Show is shown on TV2 Zulu at 6.35 - 7.15 a.m.

You can search this online TV guide with all channels shown in Denmark
Just type DeGeneres in the search box in the top right corner and hit "søg"

Live, Play, and Read Together said...

you can help me make baby food in a few months...

Tara said...

We can have a "Food Squishing Party"!!!!


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